Diagnostic Services

Clinical Examinations/Consultations

At Alpha Dental, we provide any of the following types of examinations and consultations depending upon patient’s needs:

  • Emergency exams
  • Comprehensive exams
  • Periodic exams
  • Orthodontic exams
  • Endodontic exams
  • Oral Surgery exams
  • Denture exams
  • Cosmetic exams
  • Periodontal exams

You will meet with the dentist for a consultation, examination and the appropriate x-rays will be taken. Services that are recommended as a result of a clinical examination will be fully discussed with you and a fee will be presented prior to any treatment done.

For You To Know Before You Have A Clinical Examination

  • If you are a new patient, please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow enough time to complete the New Patient Registration forms.
  • You can also download these forms on-line and bring the completed forms with you.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment if you bring the completed forms to the office.
  • If this is a first time visit to our office, we ask that you provide us with your insurance information at the time you schedule your appointment to allow us time to verify coverage with your insurance carrier.


There are three types of X-Rays we provide at Alpha Dental:

  • Bite Wing – these x-rays detect decay between back teeth which can be invisible to the eye.
  • Periapical – these x-rays show the entire tooth; this type of x-ray helps diagnose Root Canal treatment; Periapical x-rays also show presence of bone loss and/or calcified deposits which indicate the need for periodontal (gum) treatment.
  • Panoramic – this x-ray shows the entire mouth; this type of x-ray is needed for diagnosis of extractions, wisdom teeth position or abscessed teeth.
  • Cephalometric – this is an x-ray of the head which is used in Orthodontic diagnosis prior to Orthodontic treatment.

For You To Know Before You Have X-Rays

  • The amount of radiation in x-rays in minimal.
  • X-rays are a necessary diagnostic procedure.
  • Only the necessary x-rays are suggested to adequately diagnose the condition of your teeth and mouth.

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